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Murder is on display.


But only a rebellious greaser girl can see it.


The year is 1957. In the tiny harbor-side town of Dark Haven, Maine, an impossibly beautiful mannequin stands in the shop window of a boutique bridal shop.


A mannequin that looks all too real.


When Lacey Casket is given a chance to stitch her life back together, she comes to the small town in hopes of finally living up to expectations, of finally fitting in…


...until a clash with the owner of the bridal shop jolts Lacey's rebellious ways into overdrive.


Something about that creepy mannequin won't let her go. And its life-like lips harbor a deadly secret, one that threatens to expose the town for what it really is.


​A small town grocery store stocking the newly invented Cheez Whiz, flash-frozen blueberries, and Atomic Fireballs becomes the nexus of evil...


Lacey Casket is struggling to keep her uncle's ailing bed and breakfast on life support when a mission to the local grocery store reveals something that doesn't belong in the freezer.


The finding will jolt the sleepy town of Dark Haven, Maine wide awake.


And the secret will make Lacey confront her deepest, darkest, and most latent fears.


Together, she and Trooper Slate must thaw the mystery of the twice-cold corpse.


Or else end up in a deep chill themselves.

A Grave Conviction Cover.jpg

Do you play dice?

What if a single object, no larger than a die, could decide the fate of an entire town?


The year is 1958. When a familiar vehicle is found under the ice in Coral Bay, Trooper Scott Slate summons Lacey Casket to provide more information about the suspicious accident.

Not only is the driver dead, but something is hidden inside the vehicle.

Something that will push Lacey and Slate’s burgeoning relationship to the breaking point and be a true test of their deepest convictions.

Torn between taking care of her ailing uncle and helping Slate investigate the murder, Lacey must discover how such a tiny thing can lead to the most destructive force the world has ever seen.

Or else fall victim to a phantom killer.

It’s about to get dicey.

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