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What if you had to live next door…


…to the man who kidnapped your sister?


When Rosie Casket learns of a mysterious inheritance, she returns home to Dark Haven, a tiny lobster village in Maine so isolated that even the old lighthouse still burns kerosene.


Reeling from the loss of her job and haunted by her sister’s disappearance, Rosie’s trying to make peace with her past when a dead lawyer washes up on the shore.


He’s got something in his pocket that doesn’t belong, something that perplexes State Trooper Matt Mettle, once the most popular boy in high school, something that only Rosie Casket, self-made genius, can figure out.


With the help of a quirky innkeeper and enough chowder to clog a firehose, Rosie must find the evidence to put her number one suspect behind bars…


…or else become the next victim.

Red Mourning Cover.jpg

They say that beauty is only skin deep.


Which is all it takes for a good poison to work its charms…


After Rosie Casket inherits an old inn, she drains all her money to keep it afloat. Worried that she’ll go bankrupt before she gets her first guest, she begs the universe to send her customers.

Unfortunately, the young guest who arrives is not the relief that Rosie hoped for. In the young woman’s dying grasp, is the first page of an elaborate puzzle, one tailor-made for Rosie.

And the woman’s lips are a shocking shade of red—even in death.

To make matters worse, there’s a new man-eater in town, a powerful woman who has ensnared Trooper Matt Mettle in her deceitful web, a woman who leaves Rosie wondering if she and Mettle have any kind of future together.

Desperate to keep the town from branding her fledgling business as a murder house and forced to work alone, can Rosie get to the bottom of the red lipstick before she loses everything?

Or will more single women end up on the autopsy table?


How do you like your firewater?


Or you do prefer a good chase?


After finally receiving some publicity in a national magazine, Rosie Casket has her hands full trying to keep her bed and breakfast afloat.

But when new clues bob to the surface about her sister’s disappearance, she gets sidetracked from taking care of the inn and goes sleuthing for answers.

Unfortunately, those answers go up in smoke.


Now, not only is she accused of perpetrating the most impossible murder that Maine has ever seen, but everyone in Dark Haven thinks she is a witch.

Will the prophecy from an ancient riddle prove true? Will she and Matt Mettle move closer to a relationship—or will he become the murderer’s next victim?

And can Rosie keep her head above water long enough to stay out of the cauldron?

Or will she get burned at the stake?

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